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    Intelligent Eye Massager: The Naipo Eye Massager has a comprehensive function and elegant appearance. This wireless electric eye massager can help relieve eye fatigue and reduce eye circles, while providing a comfortable and pleasant experience.

    Three Modes to Relieve Eye Fatigue: Sleeping mode, Med mode and Hard mode. Each mode has a custom air pressure, vibration, heat, and music function. These are combined in order to create the best experience for you.

    Easy Use with a One-Click Control: Equipped with clear LCD display, it’s easy to switch between modes with a one-click control button.

    Energy Saving: Automatic 10-15 minutes timer, set to save power and protect your eyes.

    Portable & Rechargeable: The eye massager is 180° foldable, making it small enough to carry in your bag. The elastic strap is adjustable to fit most sizes. The Naipo Eye Massager includes a built-in 1500mAh rechargeable battery. It is easy to charge with our USB charging cable.

    Product Feature

    • Hot compress function
    • Air pressure massage
    • Vibration mode
    • Bluetooth connection with mobile
    • Soft Material, good ventilation, and heat dissipation
    • Stronger shading materials help to easily enter the semi-sleep state
    • 180 ° rotatable and foldable, easy to carry
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    Personal Foot Massager. Cuddles feet with various functions: Tapping, rolling, scraping, Shiatsu, kneading, air compression, and soothing heating function (≈113°F). The massager taps rhythmically on soles, followed by subsequent taps on the calves and thighs, bringing further relaxation to your body, a feature distinguishing this foot massager from all others.

    Ultimate Massage Combination. Rolling and kneading massage on soles stimulating foot acupoints, relaxing the body and calming the mind. Shiatsu massage on the arches loosens muscle tension and improves skin elasticity; Scraping on heels facilitates metabolism; Firm massage on insteps works wonders and creates an optimal massage experience.

    Airbag Heated Massage. The interior stripes attached on the airbags can be heated, bringing instantaneous enjoyment mimicking the warmth of a realistic foot massage. Moreover, the airbags help stabilize the feet creating a more uniform pressure, delivering a professional foot massage experience that even covers the toes.

    3 Intensity Levels. Choose your preferred massage and tapping intensity level among 3 levels and satisfy your massage needs: Low level for daily relaxation, Medium level for relieving mild soaring, and High level for relieving stiff feet.

    Easy Handle Design. A practical and thoughtful handle on the massager promotes its easy transportation for a portable massage anywhere: from the living room, bedroom, office and more.

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    Latest Technology Features – The massage gun efficiently breaks up excessive lactic acid and lactic buildup and offers instant relief and comfort to the body. It reaches 10mm deep into the muscle and sends high-frequency pressure pulse to the muscle, working on the deep tissue to promote muscle recovery.

    1 Button With 5 Intensity Levels – Its 24V high-torque brushless motor provides deep level vibration for a massage that ranges from 2000 to 3200 taps per minute. The 5 adjustable intensity levels can be controlled in just 1 click. The massage gun reduces muscle pain, helping with physical flexibility by enhancing proper blood flow and circulation.

    5 Multifunctional Massage Heads – 5 interchangeable massage applicators focusing on different body parts satisfy all your massage needs.

    Ergonomic Design, Quick Cooling & Long Battery Life – The massager has a 10 minutes auto shut-off setting for security and protection and a microelectronic cooling system. Its 2500mAh large capacity battery allows it to operate continuously for 5-7 hours on a silent operation. Its 41mm engineering handle with silicone sheath is also designed for your safety.

    Light-Weight, Accessible & Portable – Weighing less than 1 kg, this massage gun is accessible, durable, and travel-friendly. With a specially designed carrying case, it is not only a great trip companion but also a caring gift for all your friends and family.

    • 5 intensity levels for various massage needs to help relieve muscle soreness and stiffness.
    • Lightweight, easy-to-use, and easy to take anywhere with its packing bag.
    • Quiet motor, less than 43db ensuring a silent operation.
    • Automatic heat function.
    • 2500mAh large capacity battery, 5-7 hours of continuous operation per charge.
    • 5 interchangeable massage applicators full body massage.
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    Cordless and Rechargeable. The shiatsu shoulder massager can be powered through the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which offers sufficient power to sustain a 2.5-hour cordless massage (charging time needed:≈3 hours). Use this massager anywhere and anytime.

    Free Travel Bag for Easy Transport. Comes with an exquisite bag designed with elegance that helps keep dust off the product and makes it convenient to carry, i.e for when you want an outdoor relaxation session.

    3 Intensity Massage Levels. Choose an intensity level for the massage experience that suits you best. This massager applies acupressure to specific points with a deep kneading massage so mild pain might be experienced for first time users. Please start using the product at the lowest intensity level.

    Advanced & Secure Heat Function. Equipped with a heating system that delivers gentle warmth to assist you in relieving tension, stress, and fatigue. Meanwhile, a 15-minute auto shutoff feature and overheat protection system will further enhance the safety of the product.

    8 Deep Kneading Shiatsu Massage Nodes. 8 massage nodes (4 big ones and 4 small ones) of this versatile back massager will effectively soothe muscle fatigue and relieve stiffness on multiple body parts (neck, shoulders, back, arms, waist, legs, spine, feet, calves, hamstrings, and thighs); The massage nodes provide bidirectional massage, clockwise and counterclockwise.

    Your personal massager. Enjoy a 2.5-hour massage equipped with a heating system that efficiently relieves tension, stress, and fatigue from any chosen body part like your neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs or spine. Providing both clockwise and anti-clockwise heat functions, you can now say goodbye to tired muscles.

    • Massage on the neck, back, waist, abdomen, and legs.
    • 8 deep-kneading Shiatsu massage heated rollers.
    • Clockwise or anti-clockwise movement.
    • 3 different speed levels.
    • Made up of high-quality leather.
    • 2 years warranty.
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