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Loft Bar Set


Observing the quick twists and artistic skills of a professional bartender conjuring a cocktail can be quite impressive. Why not try the art of mixing yourself? It is fun to create cocktails and try out new recipes with friends. The WMF Loft collection offers the necessary shakers and jiggers. The curved shape of the design exudes a fresh and modern look, and since they are made of high-quality Cromargan® the items in the collection are virtually unbreakable. Beginners will particularly appreciate the six-piece bar set. This set is perfect for mixing simple cocktails as well as for preparing more elaborate, creamy drinks. In addition, the matching holder makes the set an eye-catcher.



  • Content: 1x Shaker, 1x jigger, 1x bar strainer, 1x bar spoon, 1x ice tongs, 1x server | Material: Precious material combination of Cromargan stainless steel, WMF glass, plastic PC/SAN | Item number: 0686926030
  • Shaker: The shape makes shaking with one hand possible. Bar measure: The bar measure is used for exact measuring and portioning of 2 cl and 4 cl in a mixed drink.
  • Bar strainer: The bar strainer is needed to hold back ice cubes, lemon seeds and similar items when straining into the glass. The WMF bar strainer is made of Cromargan and the spiral spring adjusts to the diameter of the shaker.
  • Bar spoon: The measuring unit “bar spoon” is approximately equal to the measuring unit “teaspoon”. The handle is longer so that it reaches into tall cocktail glasses. Ice tongs: Ice tongs for easy removing and gripping ice cubes out of the ice bucket.
  • Watching a professional bartender create a cocktail with quick tricks and artistic talent can be quite impressive. Try the art of mixing yourself: Create cocktails and together with friends
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