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Pupa Pupart


The Pupa Pupart XXL palette is an essential for make-up lovers. All make-up products for your complexion, eyes and lips are collected in one handy set. You can really go in all directions! Go for neutral colors or opt for striking shades. Create a different look every day that fits your style.

The top of the range. Everything But Their All What You Want For A Make Up Of Trend, perfect and creative. You feel classic or want to dare with the colours? Open pupart and choose, you’ll always be ready for any occasion. A natural face flawless, radiant light imperfections, the gleaming, cheeks and bright, uniform skin tones. Look deep and magnetic, defined eyelashes. Stunning polished lips colorful, always moisturised The large mirror will be the accomplice of your beauty. Fantastic for you, perfect as a gift. In Pack: 6 correction 2 powders 2 Terre 2 Blushers in eye cream 2 blusher compact 4 All Over 2 Primer 98 EyeShadow Compact 5 double applicators 1 pencil 4 eyes eyeliner in cream 1 applicator eyeliner 2 mascara 1 lip pencil 35 lipsticks in cream 35 Gloss Mirror


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